Introducing Alkimi Governance

Alkimi Exchange
3 min readAug 17, 2023


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Decentralisation is a key differentiator of Alkimi Exchange. For too long legacy players in the AdTech space have relied on opacity to mishandle consumer data and charge exorbitant fees that result in more of the advertising spend going to middle-ware organisations than to the publishers and content creators they should be funding.

One part of increasing the decentralisation of Alkimi is the recent launch of community-managed nodes. Another is today’s launch of community governance. Governance will allow holders of $ADS tokens to be involved in key decisions that ensure the best direction for the project going forward.

The roll-out of governance will come in stages, with each one opening up a new level of decentralisation and input by Alkimists. In this first stage, we are launching ACPs (Alkimi Community Proposals). Proposals of this type allow ADS holders to suggest, and vote on, ideas for how we reward, engage and grow our community.

In the future two additional layers will be introduced. Firstly AMPs (Alkimi Marketing Proposal) — canvassing ideas and approval on how Alkimi markets the exchange. And ultimately AOPs (Alkimi Operations Proposals) — suggestions for how the Exchange itself is operated.

How Do I get involved?

As recently announced, the Alkimi Discord will play a pivotal role in the governance process. Alkimists are invited to join the channel here, if they have not already, and verify their token holding in the #verify-tokens-nfts channels. We’re using a standard CollabLand integration to ensure your wallets hold the ADS token.

Once verified you’ll gain access to the ADS Holders channels. Here holders will be able to participate in governance discussions as well take part in exclusive founders AMAs. The governance process will start with community members submitting their proposals via a google form here. The team will select the best proposals, and introduce their own, and share these in the #proposals channel on Discord.

A forum thread will be opened for each proposal and Alkimists can discuss, debate and dissect these proposals together. After this feedback has been taken the proposals will be updated as needed and a final version shared. Alkimists will then be able to vote on whether these proposals are actioned using (which you can join today). This dAPP allows verification of your ADS holdings and for Alkimists to make gas-free votes on approving (or not!) proposals.

Initially, the voting style used will be one-token = one-vote. Whatever your bag size we encourage you to vote so that all voices are heard and decision making is decentralised. (And before you ask… the team can confirm they will not be voting with their own bags or using treasury tokens to vote.)

After a vote passes the appropriate actions will be taken by the team to bring it to life and keep the community abreast of the progress.

The structure and process will continue to evolve, with the team also planning on migrating governance to Alkimi Labs in due time as the central portal for all things Alkimi.

So join us today, we look forward to having all your voices more involved in shaping the future of Alkimi!

So join us today, we look forward to having all your voices more involved in shaping the future of Alkimi! Join Alkimi Discord here >