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Thomas Scovell, marketing strategist and Alkimi advisor, chats to one of our community admins, Lattice Duchess.

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5 min readJan 17, 2022


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Community is central to the success of Web 3.0 projects like Alkimi Exchange. And central to a growing community is great community management. “Admins” are the frontline for crypto projects on their social spaces like Telegram — answering community questions and keeping the vibe positive.

Alkimi is lucky enough to have a diverse range of admins with expertise in different areas of the project to ensure everything from questions about our core technologies like Constellation, to financial issues like Tokenomics and how the advertising industry works can be answered around the clock to those who pop into our channels from all over the world.

And when projects hit milestones like token launches, or staking as Alkimi did recently, it can be an intense job with a flurry of new questions, community members and deadlines. If you’ve been in a channel at a time like this you’ll only know the half of it — admins DMs are blowing up with a whole lot more!

Of course, it’s to be expected that people get excited and need to know NOW when Alkimi are launching innovative offerings like our NFT-enhanced staking product. In only a couple of weeks 15 Millions ADS have been locked up and dozens of Alkimists have won between 833 and 40,000 bonus ADS.

We talk to one of our longtime admins, “hgtp://$LTX Duchess”, about her role in some free minutes in between all the activity around the staking and launch of our “AlEx Into The Metaverse” NFT game.

THOMAS: Hi Duchess, what name should we call you by?

DUCHESS: On Telegram I am the famous “Lattice Duchess”…that’s my day name. My real name is Kristina.

THOMAS: We’ve been working together for a few months now and I’ve only just learnt your “real” name… I think you’ll always be the Duchess to me. Though I note that some of the community also call you “our Queen” — definitely a mark of respect for how much value you add to it! Tell us, how did you discover Alkimi Exchange?

DUCHESS: I was first introduced to Alkimi through the Constellation DAG admin ecosystem. Yes, that circle actually exists. We “cross chain-cross trained admins”, as I like to call us, develop friendships and respect for one another. I joined the Alkimi admins TG channel the day it was created.

THOMAS: OG! Well that explains the LTX (“Lattice”) in your handle of course — Lattice is Constellation’s decentralised exchange that Alkimi launched on and which we are now using for our community to stake ADS on. What excites you about the Alkimi project and made you volunteer as an admin?

DUCHESS: Alkimi Exchange is the north star of hope and brings me a sense of peace. Alkimi represents both the past and the future in equal balance…it’s the right solution at the right time. The lack of accountability as it relates to global advertising spend annually has rocket fueled “ad fraud” to the second leading white collar crime behind drug trafficking. The huge 49% disappearing advertising funds margin has perpetuated poor behavior within the industry and led to an overall global moral decline.

Alkimi Exchange brings back accountability for all of these lost funds going forward, while repairing industry poor habits over time. The funds saved by publishers and advertisers will eventually translate to lowering the cost of goods being advertised. I foresee a ripple effect throughout all industries as a result to be fair. Alkimi Exchange is indeed making something from nothing — they are cooking up strong moral fiber through new learned behaviors within the ad world over time.

THOMAS: That’s great. I think a lot of people understand the financial play for Alkimi Exchange — the size of the global advertising market, the lack of transparency and high fees that it can counter — but their mission to be part of bringing high quality content experiences to the web is just as important right? And that the two things can happen in concert — commerce enabling good content and behaviours rather than bad is so exciting. So you’re a fan of the product, but you took that further than most and became admin. What does your role focus on doing?

DUCHESS: My role as an admin is to inform community members “investors” as to project status. The Alkimi team cares about their community and wants to hear their concerns. I am an intermediary and an additional pair of eyes for the team.

THOMAS: And a great job you do! You were the first admin I really noticed when I came into the community myself as an investor and who made me realise patience and politeness are as important as having the right answer! What’s your favorite thing about being an Admin?

DUCHESS: I am an information sponge and enjoy regurgitating that information in a way that novice community members can understand. It feels good to see someone develop confidence in themselves through technological awareness or successful crypto task accomplishment. The community is regularly appreciative and supportive in return.

THOMAS: I know a lot of people appreciate the help you give them for sure. What makes our community, Alkimists, different?

DUCHESS: This community gets what is happening in the world. They understand why a decentralized alternative to ad servers is needed. I love the fact that they are willing to be challenged in their understanding of the project. Our holders are very advanced in their thought processes as compared to the general crypto market. #TheyGetIt #WeAreAllAlkimistNow

THOMAS: They definitely do — you can see that in their reaction to the launch of the crypto-first playable NFT game that stakers have been able to participate in. It’s not only a lot of fun to them, but a real bread crumb pointing to where the Alkimi Exchange technology can take its innovations in the future with Web 3.0.

Thanks so much for spending some time with us today Duchess and for everything you do to help out. To join the conversation with our Admins and the rest of the Alkimi Community Click Here.



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