Alkimi Exchange: “We Are Excited To Announce Experimenting With AlEx The Alkimist NFT Collection”

Alkimi Exchange
4 min readMay 16, 2022

Alkimi Exchange announced today, that holder’s of AlEx The Alkimist Community Polygon NFT’s will be able to experiment using their Elemental NFTs. This comes following mysterious airdrops to individuals who have staked on Lattice Exchange’s Alkimi Staking programme.

Alkimi Exchange has launched a series of staking pools on Lattice Exchange, both hard and soft staking. In the original staking pool, stakers were offered the opportunity to draw an AlEx The Alkimist NFT, read more here.

When the staking pool opened on the 24th November, individuals staking were eligible to enter a draw to win one AlEx The Alkimist NFT for every 10,000 ADS staked. Whilst 4 of these NFTs came with massive ADS bonuses, many individuals drew Community AlEx The Alkimist NFTs promising future utility — the time has come…

Stakers from the original pool who received a Community AlEx The Alkimist have since been airdropped a Polygon copy.

Stakers from both pools were airdropped the 4 Polygon Elemental NFTs: Magnesium, Nitrogen, Silicone and Carbon.

AlEx The Alkimist Elemental NFTs

COO and Co-Founder Adam Chorley stated that:

“At Alkimi we are always working to lay the groundwork for the future of the internet, whether that’s advertising, ecommerce or just entertainment. The exchange will form the backbone of our vision for Web3, but infrastructure needs products in order to succeed. This is just one of many complementary areas that Alex and the rest of the team are researching in the lab.”

So, how will the experimenting work?

Alkimi has created a walk through video, so that individuals know exactly how it will work 👇

Check out the video above for how to experiment with your Community AlEx NFTs, Experimenting is available on

Firstly, in order to experiment, Alkimists need a Polygon AlEx The Alkimist Community NFT and an Elemental Alkimi NFT.

Next, you will need to complete two steps:

  1. Adding the Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet
  2. Purchasing some MATIC. MATIC is required to make any transactions on Polygon

Instructions can be found on this link:

If you don’t own a community Alex NFT or an elemental NFT:

If you don’t currently own either NFTs necessary for the experiment, you are able to bid on existing ones on the secondary market. Make sure to purchase a polygon based community Alex:

Polygon Community Alex:

Polygon Elemental:

About Alkimi Exchange

A decentralised replacement to the inefficient legacy programmatic ad exchanges with the mission to restore the value exchange between advertisers, publishers and users. Alkimi is built on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph — a revolutionary blockchain technology — trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense — which allows us to provide the fastest, infinitely scalable solution with 0% fraud, minimal transaction fees and complete end to end transparency.

We built Alkimi Exchange to reestablish the intended value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers. We believe in a different world that can be born from a cataclysmic event, when ID’s disappear and it appears we have nothing, we can create something. Where users see fewer and better ads, Advertisers reach an engaged audience and Publishers regain control of the means for their success and continue to produce innovative and creative content.

Alkimi Exchange helps you create ad products, proven successful by walled gardens across the open web. To see more about Alkimi, click here.

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Constellation Network Inc, is a decentralized network and ecosystem that enables seamless and secure communications between big data infrastructure and interoperability between blockchains. Using their distributed network, called Hypergraph, Constellation enables fast, zero trust, scalable solutions for enterprises and the US federal government, to improve data integrity and data assurance. The company utilizes a decentralized directed acyclic graph (DAG) network, and mathematical proofs to organize the network for speed, security.

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Lattice Exchange is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that connects all blockchain main-chains and allows users to transfer cryptocurrency between multiple ecosystems. By leveraging Hypergraph — Constellation’s feeless network — the platform reduces risk, costs and friction for traders, giving them control over their digital assets while increasing transparency. As well as being the bridge between all blockchain ecosystems, Lattice is a cross-chain asset swapping platform with DeFi incentives and rewards. Learn more at