Alkimi Exchange — The World’s First Decentralised Ad Exchange

Alkimi Exchange
2 min readMay 12, 2021

The Internet’s first advert was served in 1994; it’s now a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2020 online advertising surpassed $340bn and accounted for over 50% of all media spend globally.

At its core, programmatic advertising is an automated way to buy or sell online media using a combination of technologies. In this sense, it shares similarities with traditional centralised financial and derivative exchanges.

In 2019, decentralized finance (DeFi) emerged as an evolution to walled garden centralized crypto exchanges. DeFi solutions are primarily focused on the Ethereum network where liquidity pools were created to enable trading activity within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Similarly to DeFi, the digital advertising ecosystem stands to gain significant operational and financial performance for all involved parties by adopting practices of liquidity pools, decentralised node operation and edge computing.

The internet’s identifiers will cease to exist in 6 months; the entire digital advertising issue is scrambling to solve the impending cookie apocalypse. We believe the industry has taken a myopic view and believes an alternative ID is a key to solving the issues facing digital advertising. The issue, hiding in plain sight, is yield. Google and Facebook dominate the ad industry with a plethora of user data across multiple logins on your favourite website, music streaming service or app.

Advertising technology companies allow a leak of revenue, to the tune of 49 cents of every advertiser's dollar at the detriment of user experience.

And finally, legislation has favoured the walled gardens, compounding the issue.

Reader, you may think, so what?! To which I say: independent journalism is essential for free speech. We’ve all experienced the power of fake news and the ferocity at which it can spread. The intended value exchange on the internet is broken and the effects are plain to see.

How do we solve the issue for yield facing the advertising industry?

How do we restore the intended value exchange on the internet?

Constellation Network’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol.

We built the Alkimi Exchange to reestablish the intended value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers.

We believe in a different world that can be born from our cataclysmic event, when ID’s disappear and it appears we have nothing, we can create something.


Users — see fewer, better ads

Advertisers — reach an engaged audience

Publishers — regain control to the means for their success and continue to produce innovative and creative content

Join us on our mission to re-establish the intended value of exchange of the internet.